This is my home page (now with WordPress!), with links to: a list of papers in computer graphics and related fields that I’ve published over the years (with links to PDF copies where I have the permissions and the time); a list of U.S. patents that I am the author or coauthor of; a brief description of the commercial computer graphics products that I’ve architected or been a consulting architect on (with cross links associated to papers and patents); descriptions and papers on other work in virtual reality and artificial intelligence that I’ve done; and descriptions and images of some projects that were never published. Most of the lists are in reverse chronological order (more recent work first).

There are a few other Deering’s in Computer Science and Computer Graphics (but no relations). I’ve spelled out my middle name for this web site to stay unique. I received my both my A.B. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley in 1978 and 1981, respectively. From 1981 to 1988 I worked for Schlumberger Palo Alto Research, and from 1988 to 2001 I worked for Sun Microsystems. Since leaving Sun in 2001 I’ve been independent. While I pride myself on having shipped a long series of commercially successful hardware and software products, I’ve also produced a lot of more academic style research over the years. This web page collects references (and some PDF’s) of most of my work in one place. It is intentionally similar to the home pages of many university professors (which I’m not); I’m responding to requests to have such a central site. From a professional point of view, most of who I am is referenced in this site. If you can’t find it here (sorry, no site-specific search yet), then probably it wasn’t me that did it.

Contact me at: deeringm atsign acm dot org (Remove you know what – it’s protection against spamming software).

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